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Are headphones bad for you

Are headphones bad for you ?

Ear phone is a fact when you go outside :

Carry the best ear phone while you are staying in a public place.
Apple airpods is the best and It’s you who will required the ear phone when you having a call with an important person. You will fill the security and privacy to talk with your personal affairs. One day,  It was 5 years ago today, I went birthday party of my girl friend. In the mean time my another girl friend calling me continuously to meet with her for an emergency. It was my bad luck that i couldn’t handled them equally.

Why it’s provably not bad to carry a headphone : are headphones bad for you ?

airpodBut it was emergency to manage them. Then, suddenly i touch my  ear phone and i memories my friend Razib. He has also two girls friend and he managed them equally and it was well balanced and every information was hidden from one girl friend to another girl friend. I think its the best time to receive his succession to solve the problem. I call to  him and he received my call and he want to know what happened.

Is it bad to have magnets near your head ?

Anything wrong going on or not. I told him i am in a problem about my twice girl friend. But situation is that one birthday program is going on and staying here for her party celebration. Another one is calling frequently to meet her and it’s emergency. So, How can managed them equally. He gave me the best succession. You can also get help from  HomeObjectSolution. He told me first of all, just analyse your two girl friend. Here is some criteria to separate them and you can identify who will be more beneficial for you.

Compression : Is it matter for you ?


    • Who is senior between two
    • Who is more dependable to your things like ear phone 
    •  You should know who is more caring to you
    • Who don’t waste your time and money
    • Some one never underestimated you
    • Who is more complaint to you
    • Having always shows understanding behavior
    • Who is not crazy for moneyAirPods, airbuds, head phone, ear phone,


  • Who is usually like to lead simple life
  • Whose expectation has limited

Don’t measure who is using more beautiful ear phone

Height, weight,  skin color, looking gorgeous, smartness are not major characteristics to identify a good partner


Just think are headphones bad for you ?

The criteria was really help me to take the right secession. Thanks to my friend to give the right succession in my odd condition. So, ear phone toke the major role to talking with my friend behind the gathering place. 


It was amazing support to talk using ear phone. I am great full to the ear phone – air pods and the company apple.

Its Saif


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